Designs for the Future

S.P.E.C. has been long devoting itself to developing innovative designs with the following targets well kept in mind:
A Increase the safety, capabilities and comfort of mega-yachts by introducing new types of hulls (swath, hydrofoils) and combining SOLAS Rules with luxury layout and finishing.
The iconic designs herein listed:
-68 m Swath Type SOLAS Cruiser
-125 m Luxury SOLAS Cruiser (Mono hull)
-60 m Swath Type Luxury Yacht
-42 m Hydrofoil Type Luxury Yacht

B Improve sea-keeping for offshore and wind farm service vessels by introducing Swath and multi-hull shaped hulls.
The iconic designs herein listed:
-120 m Multi-hull PSV
-105 m Multi-hull Mother Vessel (crane/jack up)
- 32 m Multi-hull Service Vessel for wind farm/oil and gas
- 40 m Mini Mother Vessel Swath
- 23,90 m Wind Towers Maintenance Swath

C Develop designs of fast crafts for anti-piracy and coastal patrolling, both in light alloy or/and reinforced plastic.
The iconic projects herein listed:
- 60’/65 knots Interceptor
- 38 m Special Purpose Fast Vessel
- 27 m/30 knots Coast Guard Patrol Vessel
- 49,8 m/38 knots Strike Craft

D Introduce innovative configurations for cargo containment, both for the safety/efficiency of handling and for the carriage of dry and liquid cargo in the same space.
The iconic projects herein listed:
-Post Panamax “Triple Double” Aframax Tanker
-Innovative Cargo
-Combined Bulk Dry Cargo/Oil-Chemical Carrier
-Containment (Handy size)

E Develop a new generation of jack-up/crane vessels for wind towers installation, oil and gas service and decommissioning of offshore rigs.
The iconic projects herein listed:
- Ocean lift: 2 x 3500 T cranes/jack up
- Mini oceanlift: 2 x 1300 T cranes/jack up vessel

F Develop new hull lines for tankers, bulk carriers, Ro-Ro ships and ferries, compatible with latest energy efficiency criteria.